Green Guide: Transportation

Energy Conservation | Water Conservation | Food Consumption
Transportation | Waste Reduction

Why? In 2005, the average American spent 4.3% of household income on gasoline. Each gallon of gas releases 20 lbs of carbon dioxide. Thus, the average car releases 5 tons of carbon dioxide a year! Save gas! Save money! Save our environment!

TIPS to reduce emissions

On Campus:

Don’t drive. Walk, bike, or take the shuttle.

Take care of your bike. Protect your bike from snow and rain. Bike hooks are available in every room. Call Facilities at 8-8000 if you need one.

With expanded food options in Frist Campus Center and a grocery store in the U-Store it’s easier than ever to cut back on your transportation carbon emissions.

Around Town:

Eat/shop within walking distance. USG’s Princeton Plus works with retailers to get local discounts to students.

Free bus around downtown. Princeton Boro and the University combined forces to arrange for the FreeB Jitney Shuttle, a bus that routes through downtown and the Dinky station during commuter hours. Click here for map and schedule.

And Beyond:

Use an airporter or the train to and from the airport. Amtrak stops at Princeton Junction and Greyhound bus service also provides transportation to many cities and destinations from Trenton or Newark, NJ. NJ Transit and SEPTA can easily take you to Philadelphia or NYC.

Bus routes go to Princeton Shopping Center & Quakerbridge Mall.

Carpool. For Journeys long or short. It’s easy to connect with peers and online services like and can help you find carpools home during breaks.


U-Bikes began in October 2007, renting bikes to Forbes students for a low fee. U-Bikes now holds open hours and can be contacted for bike maintenance help and advice! U-Bikes headquarters are at 99 Alexander Street (the pink house) on the backside in the basement.

Buy a good bike.

Cheap bikes are just that: cheap. Avoid purchasing low-end, cheap bikes from large retailers. These bikes break easily, and usually aren’t worth the price of repairs. You can get quality, long-lasting bikes from Kopps’ Cycle Shop and Jay’s Cycles, both near campus, and students selling theirs second-hand. Don’t let your bike become a piece of junk.


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