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Organic Food

Organic food info sheet: organic food information for Eating Clubs (doc; JD, 2005)
Organic food brochure: organic food basics and FAQs (pdf; CK, 2003)
Organic food FAQs: general introduction to organic food (doc; CK, 2003)
Organic food talking points: general information on organic food – doc, pdf (CK, 2003)
Organic food table tent: reasons to eat organic food – doc, pdf (CK, 2002)

Sustainable seafood

Seafood info sheet: sustainable seafood information for Eating Clubs (pdf; MB, 2005)

Seafood handout: sustainable seafood wallet card and supplemental information – front and back (pdf; MB, 2003)
Seafood talking points: general introduction to and facts about sustainable seafood (doc; MB, 2003)
Seafood table tent: myths and facts on sustainable seafood (pdf; LK, 2003)
Shrimp table tent: information on farmed and wild-caught shrimp (pdf; KC, 2003)

Why Local?: reasons to buy local food and info on area farmer’s markets (doc; KA, 2006)

Antibiotic-free meat table tents: reasons to support antibiotic-free meat – 1, 2, and 3 (pdf; CK, 2003)

Fair Trade Coffee

Fair Trade Coffee info sheet: Fair Trade Coffee information for Eating Clubs (doc; KW, 2005)
Fair Trade Coffee talking points: general introduction to Fair Trade coffee – doc, pdf (KW, 2003)

Benefits of your dining services reusable mug `04 handout: reasons to use reusable mugs – front and back (doc; CH, 2004)

Food waste info sheet: food waste information for Eating Clubs (doc; SB, 2005)
Disposable dinnerware info sheet: information on disposable cups and containers for Eating Clubs (doc; CK and ES, 2005)


Energy-saving tips: flier for Communiversity (doc; BS, 2006)
Energy info sheet: energy-saving information for Eating Clubs (doc; CK, 2005)

Recycling poster: reasons to recycle (pdf; DD, 2004)
Recycled paper flier: promoting post-consumer-waste recycled paper – doc, pdf (IF, 2003)
Recycling info sheet: recycling information for Eating Clubs (doc; IF, 2005)
Current and potential environmental impact of Princeton’s switch to 100% PCW recycled paper – pdf, xls (AB, 2006)

Water poster: water-saving tips (pdf; CK, 2004)

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